Help and Donations for Schools in Liberia, West Africa

After fifteen long years of civil war in Liberia, the country is trying with meager resources to get back on its feet. The country's leader, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, is doing her best to have the country moving again. Government public schools cannot handle all the educational needs and private schools, which are mostly owned and operated by churches, help fill the gap. Most of these church-owned schools are tuition free, or very minimum fees are charged and are not sufficient to pay teachers or run schools.

The Faith Revival Temple Church in Liberia, apart from ministering to the spiritual needs of the people, has reached out to them with food, clothes, and other needs. The pressing educational need of the children / young people compels the church for further involvememt. Hence, Faith Revival Temple Church started two new schools: the Chris Wickey Academy at Morris's and the Esther Yalartai School in Brewerville, Liberia. In order to operate effectively, these schools need help with educational material, building material, and monetary donations.

Visit to Liberia

Sister Esther T. Yalartai, wife of Pastor Harmon D. Yarlatai, visited the two schools recently and saw their need. Like any person with true heart would do, Esther was moved with compassion and promised to help by reaching out to the caring and God-fearing people in the United States. Since her return, she has been making and selling dinners, and she has sent $900.00 to Esther Yalartai School to purchase zinc for their roof. Between now and the next few months, she would like to send an equivalent to Chris wickey Academy.

There is another school which we have not mentioned above. The school in Baye's town is the oldest of Faith Revival Temple Church Schools and their needs are even greater. They need teachers, learning material, and money. It is often difficult to get qualified teachers from the city to come to the rural areas. Please help us to educate these precious children and young people. In the name of Christ Jesus and love, please invest in their textbooks, notebooks, pencils and pens, uniforms, and stipends for teachers and faculty. Please click here to make a donation.

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